Syrup for post mix

We have our own line of Danish produced quality syrup for post mix. Both taste and quality are very close to the well-known brands in the market. In addition to our own range, we also cooperate with one of Europe's largest producers of syrup. Just try one - you will not be disappointed!

Premium quality - fair price!


Post mix

Our line of syrups for post mix covers a wide range of all the classic products: Cola, Cola Zero, Orange, Citrus Sport, Energizer, Tonic and Lemon.

De Jyske Bryghuse cola

Cola & Cola Zero

Produced in Denmark. Our Cola has a unique taste and a bubbly freshness - and we are not shy to say that it matches the well-known international brands.

10 l B-i-B  (approx. 64 l Cola) 

De Jyske Bryghuse Appelsin Appelsinvand

Orange soda

Refreshing and bubbly Orange Soda. Produced in Denmark.

10 l B-i-B (approx. 64 l Orange) 

De Jyske Bryghuse citrus sport

Citrus Sport soda

Refreshing and tasty with delicious bubbles. Produced in Denmark.

10 l B-i-B (approx. 64 l Citrus soda) 

De Jyske Bryghuse Tonic


The perfect mixer - just try it in your next Gin & Tonic!

10 l B-i-B (approx. 64 l Tonic soda) 

De Jyske Bryghuse Ghost energy drink

Ghost Energy

Ghost Energy is our own energy drink. The taste is delicious and fresh. Perfect for drinks. Produced in Denmark.

10 l B-i-B (approx. 64 l energy drink) 

Lemon De Jyske Bryghuse


Our Lemon is sweet and tasty with the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness.

10 l B-i-B (approx. 64 l Lemon soda)